Hands-On Education Opens Up Doors for Those in Need

Take or teach remodeling or carpentry classes in the Bismarck, ND area

Many veterans, recovering addicts and homeless individuals feel stuck because they don't have the experience needed to land a job. At Hometown Hero's, Bismarck, ND residents can get hands-on construction experience by taking remodeling classes.

Read our FAQ to learn more:

Can anyone take these classes?
Yes. While our carpentry classes are designed to give people professional experience, anyone can take a class to learn the basics of home repairs.

How many carpentry classes can someone take?
You're welcome to take as many as you'd like.

What will people learn at these remodeling classes?
We'll teach you how to paint walls, install flooring and make carpentry repairs, just to name a few.

Contact Hometown Hero's today to find out where we'll be teaching these classes next.